Welcome to the New Blog

It’s been a little while coming, but at last the new blog is finally here!


After using several different blogging platforms in the past, with my various posts over the years scattered between them, I decided to create a new Luminous Software blog.

So I started looking around at a few of the newer blogging platforms. As I did, I got excited about [static blog generators][]. After looking at things like [Ghost][ghost-url] etc, I finally decided to use Hexo.

To host it I’m using a Git repository, published to a GitHub repo and leveraging GitHub Pages which is free. I’ve even created a custom Hexo theme for the blog.

New Blog

I plan to blog mainly on Visual Studio topics; any tips, tricks, gotchas, extensions, observations or cool techniques that myself or someone in the community might be using. But if there’s something cool that isn’t to do with Visual Studio, I’ll still blog about it here to keep all of my blog posts in the one spot.

A good source of knowledge for these blog posts will be the Microsoft/extendvs gitter room. Sharing the Visual Studio love so to speak.

I’ll also slowly migrate the scattered past posts here too over time.

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