Feature Ideas

The list below is a list of potential features or enhancements (aka FI's). These might be entirely new features or enhancements to existing features. They may, or may not, end up being added into Time Savers.

  • Duplicate File (one operation, instead of copy/paste/rename)
  • Copy Solution (copy the entire solution, with a new name)
  • Delete Solution (delete the folder containing the solution)
  • Reload Solution (last solution - ie first in MRU list)
  • Copy Project (one operation, instead of copy/paste/rename)
  • Delete Project (one operation, instead of remove/open folder/delete)
  • Reload Project (one operation, instead of unload/reload)
  • Edit Path Variables
  • Edit Environment Variables


If you'd like to implement one of the the FI's from the feature backlog, feel free to open an Issue on GitHub (with the same name as the feature), and we can start a discussion there. We can then work toward developing a pull request, so the implemented feature can be incorporated into Time Savers.

Don't forget to check out the Contribution Guidelines.

Bug Fixes

Once bug fixes have been fully tested, they'll be included in the next public release.

There are no bug fixes that need testing at the moment