Luminous Code V1 Has Been Released

I’m pleased to announce that after a few transitions (see below), the first public release of Luminous Code has now been released to


  • originally Luminous.Framework (closed source)
  • which was replaced by YD.Framework (open source)
  • which was replaced by Luminous Code (open source)

You can download the Nuget packages directly from, but of course it’s much easier to just use the Extensions and Updates dialog right from within Visual Studio.

Nuget Packages

For more information please visit the Luminous Code Website. This is just the beginning, there’s more to come.

Luminous.Code.Core doesn’t have much in it yet. It’s setting the stage as the supporting act for future Visual Studio related code.

Luminous.Code.VisualStudio already has enough in it to help make writing extension code easier than ever before! It’s now being used in extensions like Luminous Time Savers.

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