Getting Started

There are three ways you can install Start Page+:

  1. From Extension Manager
  2. From VS Marketplace
  3. From Source Code

Option 1 - From Extension Manager

  1. In Visual Studio, open the Extensions dialog
  2. VS 2017: Extensions and Updates
  3. VS 2019: Manage Extensions
  4. Click on the Online tab
  5. Type Start Page+ in the search box
  6. Click on Start Page+ in the list
  7. Click the Download button

Option 2 - From Visual Studio Marketplace

  1. Click on this link to download from Visual Studio Marketplace website
  2. Click the Download button, and select where to save it
  3. Install the downloaded VSIX file, from wherever you saved it

Option 3 - From Source Code

  1. Find the source code on GitHub
  2. Fork it or clone it
  3. Compile the solution
  4. Install the compiled VSIX file

View StartPage+

Once StartPage+ is installed simply click on View | StartPage+